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Honeywell HUT-220W Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HUT-220W Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier Price: $54.99
Model Number:  HUT-220W
Dimensions:  14 x 7 x 14
Color:  White
Room Size:  Small to Medium
Warranty:  2 Year Limited Warranty
Owner's Manual

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Honeywell HUT-220W Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier



  KAZ - that is.  It seems strange to me when I calll a number about a product I have just bought and it is the same model I have had, but no one at that firm can even find the product listed on their computer.  Also I have tried to find information on Honeywell's site and they have no information on the humidifier.  I had always thought better of Honeywell having used their products over the years, but this situation is disgusting.  You advertise the prduct, you sell the product, yet you have no information about the item when I request it.  And KAZ,  whatever that is, is a joke . They wont answer the phone after the initial contact and the operators cannot find the product on their computers, the ones that Honewell advertises and sells but no one knows anything about the product.

Had I known about the lack of concern or knowledge I would have never purchesed the Honeywell humidifier. I will never purchase another Honeywell product in the future.


Cool Mist

Have two of them love them tons. Do clean out monthly if used heavily for best results.

Good product

It could be better since the water running is noisy and annoying but liveable.

hut-220w humidifier
Very efficient. Great size. Easy to fill. Could be better if light could be dimmed at night. Good night light but needs to have ability to dim light, especially if used near where one sleeps. We own two of these and are very satisified with them!!
No-filter, easy fill worth it?

First unit shipped to me was missing the auto-shut-off in the bottom of the unit (discovered during the first cleaning), and the dial for adjusting the mist did not appear to work. There was also a loud vibration sound, so loud I could hardly sleep. Cleaning the unit is easy but when I tried to remove the hose I was unable to disconnect it from the top, in spite of running  warm water over it. The unit throws out a lot of white dust, something I have never dealt with before, having always used units that require filters. I'm waiting for a replacement  and in the meantime did order another one which appears to have all the necessary parts. Will give it a first cleaning tomorrow. The best part is adding water through the top but I'm still not sure I am going to be able to live with the white dust. I realize it is from my tap water but when I used reverse osmosis filtered water, the same thing happened. The recommendation is for distilled water but I am not planning to start purchasing 2 gallons a day!

Best option but very delicate

Overall I was satisfied with the product. However after a couple of months it broke; it seems like automatic shut-off is not enough to prevent it from breaking when water runs out. You need to manually shut it off shortly after that (or add more water) is my guess, to avoid damage.


Working unit

I've had this for a couple months now and am fairly pleased with it.  It takes awhile for it to mist, which concerns me. 

Defeated by cleaning

We are defeated by the cleaning directions.  I have cleaned weekly my other humidifiers...Hunter and Bionaire... for years and still do.  We added yours for our bedroom on the advice of our pharmacist...    This one frustrates us.

Please explain more clearly.  

Motor stopped

Worked great for about 3 months then the motor just stopped.  I cleaned everything replaced the cartridge and it still won't work.  Pretty disappointed.


If I could give these products 0 stars I would. We have now owned  3 of them. Each and every one has leaked. We sent one back, but all seem to do the same thing. We bought this one thinking that the a filterless option would be the best, as it would require fewer replacement parts, so in the end it would be less expensive. Boy, were we wrong. 

Avoid This One
It worked alright (not great) for the first 4 months. After that, it began to make very very loud noises, and produced no humidity. Do not buy this product.

This unit added very little moisture and the motor got noisey after a few months of operation.

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