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Honeywell HCM-6009 Quiet Care Cool Moisture Multi Room Humidifier

Honeywell HCM-6009 Quiet Care Cool Moisture Multi Room Humidifier Price: $109.99
Model Number:  HCM-6009
Room Size:  Large
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Honeywell HCM-6009 Quiet Care Cool Moisture Multi Room Humidifier

Great Humidifer

The large screw on caps make it easy to clean the tanks.  I saw comments that the caps are hard to remove.  But I assume the lady is not using the finger grips built in the caps.  If you try to unscrew using the outside diameter, it is difficult.  Just use the finger grips in the cap that appear as circular indentations.  The tanks are abit awkward filling in the sink.  But overall this is a nice product.



Great Unit

I am a guitar player and have 6 guitars that I leave out of their cases in a rack. Humidity in Toronto is 20 per cent during winter. That destroys guitars. The option is to put a separate case humidifer in each one, which costs more than 100 for me.

I looked a while and this Honeywell is fantastic. It has a small profile on the floor, given what it does, humidifie a large open space without doors. Its easy to humidify a sealed room, but a regular apartment is hard, you cannot seal any doors to the main living space.

I brought it home and filled it, make sure to dampen the filter first, dont squeeze it, just put it in damp. The thing has casters so maneouvering it was easy. I turned it on with the water containers filled and within 10 minutes my apartment was at 47 per cent. THe unit has a smart feature, so you set it to the position on the dial that gives you good humidity. I have a separate hygrometer on another unit which failed me, its a competitors brand so i wont name it, but it was terrible.

The unit shut off at 47 and went quiet. Once in a while, it comes on, on the lowest fan setting, and just tops the humidity up. It is mostly off! Its so efficient that it hardly runs, within a minute of starting it has the room back at my setting. I was floored, after bad experiences with other humidifiers that failed to break 38 per cent, even cranked to full. Canadian winters are dry.


So I highly recommend this unit, I am keeping thousands of dollars worth of good guitars maintained. So I depend on this thing to work, its not just a comfort issue.  But the lack of itching and the feeling of good humidified air is a side bonus which I like.


Strong performer

Not used very much, as yet, but this humidifier gives strong performance in an 450 SF room.

Honeywell HCM6009

So quiet, fast acting, easy to clean and maintain

Honeywell Room Humidifier

Thank you for my Multi Room Humidifier. It meets all of my expectations. I had a table top model and was not happy with it. This one works great, I live in a three bedroom apartment and it keeps the rooms comfortable. I like that it has an automatc shut off when it's out of water. Thank you again. I will recommed this model to all my friends.

Excellent Humidifier

This humidifier can put out more than 3 gallons of water every 24 hours in my house which is pretty spectacular given my relatively lazy approach to filter maintenance and the extremely hard water in my area. This thing has been a godsend after having a terrible time with both a steam-producing humidifier and an ultrasonic humidifier. The steam-producing humidifier worked great until it came time to clean the new mineral deposits (aka solid rock) off of the heating element after just a few days of running it. The ultrasonic humidifier also worked great until I noticed an accumulation of fine white powder on EVERYTHING near the humidifier, which it turns out is the minerals from my water. Now I have this HCM-6009, which has an easily-replaceable filter that doesn't even require frequent maintenance while running 24/7 and keeping my home at a decent humidity.


For filter maintenance I just flip the filter every time I refill the water and add humidistat treatment to the water every time I fill the tanks. At arbitrary intervals I have decided to actually soak the filter in cold water with a little CLR and scrubbed off the mineral buildup (wearing gloves, because CLR isn't nice to skin) like you're supposed to about once a week. You're also supposed to clean the insides of the tanks and the bottom of the unit regularly, but I have done it twice in 4 months and I haven't had any issues because I use the anti-microbial water treatment every time I refill the water.


I just bought this 2013 10th Feb  but your date only went up to 2012 ??? Can you change  ?


I just bought this Feb 10th 2013  but your date only goes up to 2012 so can you change this?

Workhorse of a humidifier

This humidifier works great and runs a long time between needing refils. 


Love the unit but a tank cracked, trying to get a warranty replacement.

Honeywell HCM-6009

It's ok. Tanks could be flatter on the top so they sit flat in the sink filling. Auto off when empty woudl be nice. But I knew that.The tanks are the main issue.Other then that its does what it says.

Solid buy

Satisfied with my purchase.  The humidifier was easy to get up and running and I noticed a difference in the air.  The unit is slightly more noisy than I expected though. Overall I'm happy with it.


I had a feeling when I bought this unit only one month ago that I was going to have trouble with filling the tanks. Sure enough, I filled one tonight and went to flip it over and it slipped out of my hands and broke. The unit works great and if fairly quiet but I think Honeywell could come up with a better design for filling. So far I have found one source for replacement tanks at a price of $34.00 plus shipping. Hope I can find one a little more reasonable.

I agree with Bzzzzzzzz

It definitely puts out humidity but the loud buzz is so annoying. It was going to go in the bedroom but I could never sleep with this noise.

Okay Humidifier

Works great after it finally gets going takes to long to get up to good humidity level.  Putting the water from bottom is hard when you are disabled, you could have filled it from the top also.  Filter gets dirty very quickly.  Because of the price I will be keeping it because I can't afford another one an it does the job after it finally gets up to the humid level you want it. 

Honeywell HCM-6009 Quiet Care Humidifier

Works fine BUT filling it from the bottom, with a rubber gasket, is not easy for a woman to take off to fill it.  Why can't the opening to fill it be on the top and there not be the need for this rubber gasket.  Many people using this are old, or women who live alone or with children.  I have had to call my neighbor to unscrew it so I could fill it, or riscue it spilling all over the floor when I turn it upside down to carry it back to the unit.

Also, when filling it, it should be able to rest flat.  It is a battle to balance it as it is, and it gets worse the more it fills.

It works great but the design needs GREAT IMPROVEMENT.  It is definitely not designed for anyone except the strong male.  And there aren't too many of them that fill these things.


Fill from the top,  somehow support the bottom in a square position to balance while filling.  while incorporating the handle, which could be on the side.  SIMPLY:  Open from the top, carry from the side, a few plastic nubs on the bottom for support when filling.

Has a very loud hum that is very annoying. May return.

Hello i have had many humidifers in the past and i did my rescearch on honey-well and seen that you guys made one of the best humidifer. I purchase the hcm-6009 QUIET CARE but it is anything from quiet i am just highly unhappy about this machine i dont know if i bought a bad one but once againest it is not quiet. When its on the lowest setting it is still super loud and can hear from outside the room please let me know what i can do from here to fix this problem.

I bought a couple to do our house. Does a good job of adding humidity to a large house. But this is anything but quiet. It buzzes and vibrates. Is so noisy had to stop using, drove me crazy.
Does not work properly

I have used it only one winter,  next winter it quit working.  It just does not turn on.

Water tanks cracked

Just started using our humidifier and out of the box, both water tanks have tiny cracks along the edges.  Looks like a poor design using sharp edges along a high stressed portion of the tanks.  Will see if they'll replace under warranty or I'll just return to Amazon and look for another manufacturer.  Great idea poorly executed!

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