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Honeywell HCM-800 PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier

Honeywell HCM-800 PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier Price: $74.99
Model Number:  HCM-800
Room Size:  Large
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Honeywell HCM-800 PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier

this is the best>>>

i love it i still using my hcm  800 going on 5 years now. i shure wished you could buy the filters for it thay say permanet but everything wears out no matter how carefull you are thay just fall apart. thank you >>>>

Disappointed in Ky.

The humidifier has been great and for product performance a "5".

However, the filter came apart and to my surprise today, 06/30/2011, I found out

that one  can not purchase a replacement filter.  The filter, etc. have been cleaned according to instructions.

So, what do I do now, but throw the humidifier in the garbage. The humidifier without the filter is perfect

and what a waste of material.   Very disappointing. 

For availability of product accessories/customer service a "2". Overall "3.5"


PermaFresh cool

The Perma Fresh claims to be quite but it hasn't been my experience, if you want power and quick dispursement of moisture it's great but much too noisy for my comfort.

Filter Issues

This would be a 5 star if it had replacment filters. It worked great until the filter just got too bad to use. Please just make some replacement filters for us to buy.

don;t buy

This Cool Moisture Humidifier( Perma Fresh) the filter does not last like they say, I keep it clean and it still went bad, the filters have  know replace filters for it   you can;t replace the filter so you in up with a humidifier you can't run.

What happens when the filter goes out...EXACTLY...JUST A WASTE OF SPACE!!
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