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Honeywell HC-14N Replacement Console Humidifier Filter E

Honeywell HC-14N Replacement Console Humidifier Filter E Price: $19.99
Model Number:  HC-14N

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Honeywell HC-14N Replacement Console Humidifier Filter E

Product as represented Shipping very prompt. Very satisfied. Thanks
Great service and quick delivery. The products were allothe right size and what I ordered.Filters for my humidifiers. HC-14N
Speedy Replacement

I ordered a filter for my Honeywell Humidifier and I found the site easy to navigate and my filter arrived as specified and quickly.   Thank you 


Filter works well but if you use a water softner it hardens up after a few days.

large Kaz filters

very, very good!


Does the job well

Fast, prompt service

Very fast, prompt service.  Will definitely order online again.




The filter works as it's suppose to.

humidifier filters

I like the product it works well.


I depend on my Honeywell humidifier since I perform vocals on stage and must keep my voice in good shape.  My humidity levels in my home will drop into the single digits because of the heat (baseboard hot water) in the winter.  The filter not only cleans dust out of the air and wicks moisture into it, but absorbs the calsium and other disolved minerals out of my tap water.  The old filter started to loose efficiency, causing a drop in humidity.  By replacing the filter, the humidity jumped back up to the 50% level that I like to keep.  Definitely replace your filters every three months like the instructions say for great performance. Higher humidity will elimenate static shocks, keep dust form forming and settle what dust there is for a cleaner house.  You will also feel warmer since higher humidity wil reduce the chilling effect that small drafts and air currents will produce.  Not to mention the healthy effects of keeping your nasal and throat membranes moist during the winter.


HC-14nFilter E type

Works great. Same a orignial filter that came with the Honeywell humidifier. FAst shipping and good price point.

Would highly recommend

Excellent product
What's to say?

What can I say. Its a filter that fits the humidifier that I have. I haven't noticed any bad odors coming from it as t runs. I can't say that about filters  have purchased from other places. I purchased one last year that made the room smell like a burned out building. This one has no odor at all.

Humidifier Filter E

Filters appear as factory original matching the filters that came with the unit identically.

Shipping cost and time frame were reasonable.

Filters are quite expensive and filter life is not quite as long as suggested by manufacturer.

Great humidifier but the filters are expensive!
We are very happy with the system until we need to buy more filters!
Recent Purchase

No issues with the filters.  They work great.

Buy an Extra to Have Around...

All around, a good filter and a great value through this vendor. Keep an extra one handy as, in some seasons, it lasts longer than in others. I definitely recommend using it in conjunction with the Protec Cleaning Cartridge in order to prolong the lifespan of the filter and avoid having to clean the entire humidifier unit of mold/mildew too frequently.

4 Stars

I bought this filter to replace the one that came with my humidifier, which had mildew growth after a few weeks of use. That was so disappointing. Now, I take the replacement filter out of the humidifier to dry when it's not in use, so it will not get mildew. So far this tactic seems to be working, and the filter is doing it's job well.

Great but doesnt last long

I used it for a montH and it alreaDy haVe sign of wear,and smell.


Filter does the job, but it's far too expensive.     Can't possibly cost that much to produce.  Doesn't last that long either....I only get about a month to six weeks of use from each one.

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